Creating an industry and culture that will stand the test of time


Polishing you into a shining success.

Enhancing people's rough-hewn talent.
Conveying your message, faster.
We leverage the power of content to accelerate your success.
We do it all to bring your brilliance to the world.


  • 01.

    Standing out from the crowd.

    We do the unexpected, never the expected.
    Stepping boldly from the known into the future.
    Why be satisfied with things always the same?
    Accelerating that curiosity
    and desire to stand out motivates and drives people.

  • 02.

    We break through.

    Staying a step ahead of expectations.
    Stepping beyond the limit.
    The gods of fate smile upon
    those making the effort and commitment
    to accelerate their own success.

  • 03.

    We unite.

    Respect creates bonds.
    Bonds create strong teams.
    Going beyond job titles and credentials
    Ramping up our teamwork
    drives us to overcome adversity.

Board of Directors

  • Representative director and CEO

    Taku Watanabe

    Graduate of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University Graduate School. Joined a startup upon graduation and was involved in the launch of new business there. After going independent, founded BitStar in July 2014 following his support of a friend working as YouTuber.

  • Director and CFO

    Teratani Yuki

    A graduate of the Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science. Became a certified public accountant in 2010. Engaged in accounting auditing and advisory work for domestic and overseas investment banks at Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC. Went on to work at mixi, Inc., being involved in startup M&A operations and working as the director of a subsidiary. In August 2017, joined Yukon Capital Partners, engaging in buyout investment and investee support. Joined BitStar in March 2019. In July 2019, assumed the post of executive officer (CFO), leading our corporate segment. Assumed the position of director and executive officer (CFO) of our firm in October 2020.

  • External director (independent officer)

    Takayoshi Yamakawa

    Graduate of the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering, with an additional master's degree in precision engineering (majored in production systems). Worked at Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard Company (present-day Hewlett-Packard Japan) and Boston Consulting Group before joining Dream Incubator Inc. in 2000. After serving as CTO in 2000 and vice president in 2005, became president & CEO in 2006, and went on to serve as business producer in June 2020. In January 2021, assumed the post of director of our firm.

  • External director (independent officer)

    Takafumi Murakami

    Co-founder of Signifiant Inc., a company aiming to create new industries for future generations. Established the growth capital fund "THE FUND," investing in Japanese startups. Prior to founding that fund, worked for many years in the investment banking divisions of Goldman Sachs' Tokyo and London locations, working jointly in the TMT coverage and M&A groups. In addition to serving as external director to SHIFT Inc., also active as an external director and advisor to public and private firms, and as an investor. In January 2022, assumed the post of director of our firm.

  • External director (independent officer)

    Koichiro Natsume

    After working in the mascot and character business unit of a group firm of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., and in business planning at the company, was involved in the establishment of Aniplex Inc., an anime production company. Led the company as president and chair for ten years, creating numerous hit products. Currently serves as vice chair of AnimeJapan, supervisor to Aniplex Inc., strategic advisor KADOKAWA CORPORATION's video segment, and more. In January 2022, assumed the post of director of our firm.

  • External director

    Kazuhiko Miyama

    After working at NTT, CCC/TSUTAYA online, and Recruit, took part in Global Brain (GB). At TSUTAYA online, was involved in management planning and business development. At Recruit's corporate planning office, was involved in formulating company-wide strategies and supporting business strategies for various domains, then was involved in the launch of new services and their management. Currently, as a partner at GB, is investing in and supporting startups that are bringing new innovations to their industries through technology-driven solutions. In July 2017, assumed the post of director of our firm.

Board of Auditors

  • External auditor (full-time)

    Chihiro Ikeda

    After graduating from Keio University, became a certified public accountant in 2013. At Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, was involved in accounting audits and advisory work for domestic and overseas financial institutions and independent administrative agencies. Joined a European consulting firm in April 2017, and engaged in work in a wide range of areas, such as M&A, new business, cost reduction, and formulation of mid-term management plans. In March 2020, assumed the post of auditor of our firm.

  • External auditor

    Sayaka Kakegawa

    After graduating from the Department of Literature and Culture in English, Tokyo Women's Christian University, joined GDH K.K. (present-day GONZO K.K.), then joined GREE, Inc. in June 2009. Was responsible for the launch of an overseas subsidiary and served as global accounting manager, among other roles. Joined Mercari, Inc. in October 2013 as its 10th employee. Was responsible for establishing the company's American subsidiary, creation of its corporate foundation and structure, and preparations for an IPO, and assumed the post of executive officer there in February 2015. In April 2018, assumed the post of director of Souzoh, Inc., that subsidiary. In April 2019, assumed the post of auditor of our firm.

  • External auditor

    Yoshiki Sugihara

    A licensed attorney. After working at Nagashima, Ohno, & Tsunematsu, joined Sato Sogo Law Office in 2011. In addition to specializing in the intellectual property field, responsible for numerous legal advisor duties, and handles everything from general corporate legal affairs to labor law, capital policy, M&A, and litigation and disputes. In the IPO field, supports all aspects of legal affairs of companies preparing to go public, and holds internal seminars to prevent scandals. Appointed as external auditor to M Marketing Co., Ltd. in June 2019. In September 2019, assumed the post of auditor of our firm.

Management Team

  • CTO

    Yuta Yamashita

    After graduating from the Keio Academy of New York, went on to study at the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, being involved in the founding of RAKSUL, INC. After graduation, joined GREE, Inc., being involved in the launch of its social media and domestic and overseas platforms. Was also involved in recruiting new graduates in Japan and overseas, contributing to hiring of human resources responsible for the company's global expansion. Joined RAKSUL as CTO in 2013. In July 2016, joined BitStar, assuming the post of director and CTO and leading development. In October 2021, assumed the post of CTO.

  • CHRO

    Takayuki Hoda

    Graduated from the University of Texas, U.S.A., and worked in business planning for ISP business at NEC from 2001, then engaged in corporate planning for subsidiaries in Asia-Pacific region in the division overseeing overseas business. 2009 joined Accenture Strategy Group and engaged in management consulting. 2012 joined GREE, Inc. In 2016, he became the new business leader of Akatsuki, and in 2018, he became the head of human resources, and in 2019, he became the CHRO. In August of the same year, he was appointed as Executive Officer and CHRO, overseeing the area of human resources.

  • Executive Officer

    Yuki Yasuhara

    After graduating from the University of Tokyo, engaged in new business development in the HR/real estate space, and web media management, at companies including Livesense Inc., startups, and Recruit Career Co., Ltd. Went on to work at Strategy&, part of the PwC network, being involved in business strategy formulation/digital transformation/PMI for companies in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. Joined BitStar in January 2021. In April 2021, assumed the post of executive officer, leading BitStar Agent, the company's creator agency, and Fun Co., Ltd. and JOINT LABEL Co., Ltd., which are group firms.

  • Executive Officer

    Ryu Maeda

    After graduating from Kwansei Gakuin University, he joined Dentsu Inc. After working in TV business and media planning, he worked as a business producer in charge of marketing communications for beverage manufacturers and job change services, etc. In May 2021, he joined BitStar. After overseeing sales for the tie-up advertising business, he was appointed as Executive Officer in July 2022, and is in charge of the creator agent "BitStar Agent.

  • Executive Officer

    Jun Karato

    After graduating from the University of Tokyo with a BA in Literature, he worked in corporate sales/marketing and business planning at Asahi Kasei Corporation. After earning an MBA from Cambridge University in the U.K. and working at a local video distribution startup, he worked at Rakuten, Inc. as the head of business strategy and business planning for the video distribution service Rakuten TV and the NBA and professional baseball video distribution business. After overseeing the business side of the content production business, he was appointed as Executive Officer in July 2022, and is in charge of the content studio "BitStar Studio".

  • Executive Officer

    Shunsuke Sakuma

    After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law, he joined Recruit, where he was in charge of accounting and finance as well as business planning in the beauty area.In May 2019, he joined BitStar. After working in the corporate division, he was involved in the launch of the Kansai branch office as the general manager from July 2020, and became an executive officer in August 2022, responsible for new business areas.

  • CDO

    Toshiyuki Kikuchi

    After graduating from university, studied design at the Kuwasawa Design School and worked as a freelancer for seven years. Supported the creation of a range of businesses in different industries, chiefly assisting with UI/UX design for new ventures being launched by large corporations and startups alike. Joined BitStar in 2017. Has handled the large-scale renewal of brands, handling everything from creation of mission and values on through to design of deliverables like logos and web sites. Assumed the post of CDO in January 2021, leading design across the company.


  • Consultant

    Akio Sato

    A licensed attorney. Established the Sato Sogo Law Office in 2003. In addition to advising on M&A, finance, IPOs, startups, IT and fintech, crisis management, litigation, and more, retains in-house certified public accountants, attorneys, and judicial scriveners, working with these professionals to offer a range of consulting services. Possessing a wealth of clients ranging from financial institutions to private enterprise, startups to public companies, to major corporations, has been involved for over 20 years as a consultant and external officer in the IPO space, advising a range of pre-IPO firms, brokerage firms, audit firms, trust banks (transfer agents), and more, and is widely recognized in the IPO space.

Corporate Profile

Name of company
BitStar Inc.
Date established
Jul 10 2014
Representative director and CEO: Taku Watanabe
1,029,389,906 JPY (including statutory capital reserves)
Tokyo Headquarters
Shibuya Higashiguchi Building 10th Floor, 2-22-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, 150-0002
Google Map

Kansai Branch
Hankyu Hanshin ONS office, 2F Hankyu Sanbangai South Building, 1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0012
Google Map

Kyushu Branch
Nishinippon Shimbun Kaikan (located within Tenjin Sky Hall), 16th Floor, 1-4-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 810-0001
Google Map
Scope of business
・Creator support
・Content creation
168 people
Primary financial institutions
Mizuho Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Resona Bank
Group firms
Fun Co., Ltd.